Our museum contains objects and cultural displays related to our 170 year history as the Jewish congregation of South Australia. Without any funding whatsoever and using existing material, the museum was initiated by Dr Klee Benveniste who has been the honorary archivist of the congregation since 1993. The Museum is intended to emphasise positive cultural heritage and the important contribution of Adelaide Hebrew Congregation to the South Australian community and Jewish life in general.

Panels on display include those prepared for a Jewish community exhibition at the South Australian Migration Museum which contain photos of many Jewish mayors and Lord Mayors, leaders and servicemen. The collection is growing.

Photograph: The original Synagogue in Rundle Street, north side, 1870's.
Original Adelaide Synagogue completed 1850 (on right).
Replacement larger Synagogue completed 1870 (on left).

Photograph: Judah Moss Solomon, first President.
Chairman of the Destitute Board.

Photograph: Reverend Abraham Tobias Boas, first Minister, who served for 48 years from 1870-1918 and was also a Shakespearean scholar.

Photograph: Traditional Jewish wedding in the new Synagogue 1991.

Important events in Judaism include celebration of life events such as becoming bar mitzvah at the age of 13 years, and Jewish marriage. We are developing a collection illustrating these events and explanatory material about Jewish traditions.