Kosher means fit to consume under Jewish dietary laws based on the Torah (the first five books of the Bible). Many foods require kashrut supervision to ensure that both the ingredients and preparation enable them to be consumed by an observant Jewish person.

Kosher animals are only those which have a divided hoof and chew the cud. Kosher fish are only those with both fins and scales. Ham, pork and shellfish are not consumed. Meat and milk are not mixed or prepared or eaten together, meaning that separate utensils are used for meat and milk meals, both to prepare them and eat them. A kosher kitchen usually has two separate sinks for the dishes. Hard cheeses prepared using animal rennet are not consumed; kosher hard cheeses are made using vegetable rennet. Fruit and vegetables are checked carefully for insects and no food derived from insects is consumed; this includes food colourings carmine and cochineal which are derived from insects and widely used to color confectionary and soft drinks. In short, kosher food is wholesome for body and soul.


There is no kosher caterer, kosher restaurant or kosher-supervised bakery in South Australia. There is no longer stock of interstate frozen kosher meals available.

'Mountain breads' are available with a hechsher symbol and matza (the flat unleavened crackers made from only flour and water and used for Passover) from Coles at Burnside can be used by observant travellers instead of bread if needed. Stocks of Matza (including gluten-free) are replenished during the year. If you are travelling from a Jewish community to stay in Adelaide over Shabbat you should bring challah from your home city for your own needs.

General public supplies: Kosher food is popular and local supermarkets provide supplies for visitors at extended hours. A wide variety of kosher food including frozen kosher meat and vegetarian products are available at Coles (Burnside branch) supermarket located in the Burnside Shopping Centre. Some shelf goods such as grape juice, crackers, gefilte fish, tinned fish, soup powder, sauces, sauerkraut, pickles, biscuits and sweets, and sometimes candles are in aisle 5. Frozen Continental Kosher Butchers meat and chicken from Melbourne are available in a freezer near the frozen vegetables. Yumi's products such as dips and falafel are available in the dairy section near the fresh vegetables and at many Adelaide supermarkets. Many brands of smoked salmon have a kashrut symbol on the pack showing they are certified.

Kosher goods are widely available; just look for the Kosher Australia symbol, a map of Australia with a K in the middle. For more information visit the Kosher Australia website

The NSW Kashrut Authority has an extensive on-line directory of products approved or certified as kosher by them at this link NSW KA directory

It is possible to prepare a simple meal or snack for kosher guests using disposable plates/cutlery/cups and kosher products left sealed or washed fresh whole fruit or small vegetables left whole for the guest. Adelaide receives many kosher business visitors from Israel, interstate and overseas and the gesture is welcomed by them.

KOSHER GOODS FOR PASSOVER OR JEWISH NEW YEAR arrive at Coles Burnside at the end of aisle 5 in a special display several weeks before these festivals. Any processed or packaged kosher foods should be labelled Kosher for Passover if purchased for consumption during the 8 days of that festival. Chanukah candles and supplies are currently available.